Do not trust Jules Johnstun.

This webpage is dedicated to informing customers to be wary when giving money to this midwife.
Now operating in Rio Rancho and Albequrque New Mexico.

Dropped as clients and walked with our money

My wife and I procured her services in August 2008 to deliver our baby.
In good faith we paid her up front $2140.00.
In December of 2008 Jules dropped us as clients.
We were refunding $600.
In the end we paid $1540.00 for 5 prenatal visits, blood work, and an ultrasound.

Put the health of my wife and baby at risk

Jules told my wife from the beginning that she needed to eat more and more meat.
My wife followed her instructions, but Jules demanded at every appointment that she eat more and more.
After several weeks of this Jules started to believe that my wife was dehydrated.
Jules would not believe that my wife was drinking enough water.
At every visit, Jules demanded that she drink more and more water.
I told my wife she was drinking way too much water, but she continued to try to make Jules happy by drinking more water.
By our last visit Jules was telling her to drink over 200 ounces of water a day!

Upon talking to another midwife, who explained that eating that much meat and drinking that much water was bad, she stopped her crazy diet.
In no time at all my wifes levels were back to normal.
Jules' EXTREMELY bad advice put the health of my wife and child at risk.

Unfulfilled Promises

Our insurance requires a detailed billing statement for reimbursements.
Jules promised us that she would provide us with a detailed billing statement so that we could get reimbursed.
After dropping us as clients she would only provide us with a summarized billing statement.
We tried to submit that statement to our insurance, they tried to contact Jules for a detailed statement, but she wouldn't return their calls.

Explanation of Refund

She felt so little remorse for our situation that she would only give us $600 to pay someone else to do the job that she refused to finish.
She even felt that her contract entitled her to only reimburse us $100!!

"My contract reflects a "package" fee. You have enjoyed many of the services my package
includes. According to the contract (refund by week transferred with labs and ultrasound fees
itemized) your refund should be $100.00. However, I have decided to provide an additional
refund of $500.00 because I believe it is the right thing to do." - Jules Johnstun

Jules Explanation of Refund

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